What We Offer

White Quest Synergy Sdn. Bhd. (WQS) offers extensive range of services including risk and safety consultancy, loss prevention services and asset integrity management, available when needed and delivered on time. Our multi-disciplinary, highly-skilled teams excel at thinking beyond boundaries - questioning, innovating, finding and producing outstanding solutions to the most complex problems.

Our services help companies and organisations to;

    Improve operational stability and sustainability
    Prevent the occurrence of catastrophic events
    Reduce serious injuries and fatalities
    Design leading and lagging measures that drive safety performance
    Strengthen safety leadership capability enterprise wide
    Integrate process and personal safety leadership best practices into a continuous performance improvement system

Managing Safety & Risk

WQS specializes in safety and risk management for the process industries.

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Fire Safety & Loss Prevention Services

WQS provides comprehensive fire safety and loss prevention services to the industry.

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Optimizing Integrity

WQS has in-depth experience when it comes to developing asset integrity management strategies, processes and ...

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Maintenance Strategies and Optimisation

WQS has extensive experience in understanding factors that influence the successful and safe operation of assets..

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Technical Trainings

Along with carrying out comprehensive training, our experienced team capable of assisting you ...

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Audit and Verification

WQS through its Asset Management team offers Auditing, Assurance and Verification services for the oil & gas and ...

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