Managing Safety & Risk

WQS specializes in safety and risk management for the process industries. We provide consultation services to assist our clients in identifying and reducing the risk of catastrophic accidents posed by hazardous materials used in their operations. Our services help companies to protect employees, the public and environment as well as prevent damage to facilities, process equipment and company reputations. Our capabilities include:


    Risk Management and Compliance Management
    Safety Case Development (Design or Operation)
    Hazard Identification and Evaluation (HAZID, HAZOP)
    SIL Classification and SIL Verification
    Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
    Fire, Blast and Dispersion Modelling (2D and 3D)
    Fire and Gas Mapping
    Technical Safety Studies (FERA, ESSA, EERA, TRIA, SGIA)
    Dropped Object Study
    Safety in Design (Hazardous Area Classification)
    Ergonomics and Human Factor Engineering
    Process Safety Management
    Process Safety Aspect Implementation
    Facilitations of Technical Reviews
    CIMAH Report Development and Compliance
    Technical Trainings and Workshops


Other Services

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